Scared Straight - New Bomb Turks (America)

Label:Epitaph Records (America)
Highlights:Bachelors High
Professional Againster
Look Alive Jive
Telephone Numbrrr
Wrest Your Hands

Rating: 8.5/10

The New Bomb Turks arenít your average Epitaph skate-punk band. These guys actually know how to rock and roll, something it seems most American bands have forgotten how to do. They sound strongly influenced by such bands as Iggy & The Stooges, The Saints, The Ramones and the Monomen. Scared Straight, the bands debut for Epitaph, is actually a collection of demos that the band hadnít planned to release in this form but really the songs are that good that there is no way that you would really know. Powerful arrangements matched with intelligent lyrics and the bands willingness to use additional instruments such as pianos, synthesisers and horns all help give the New Bomb Turks an edge over many of their contemporaries. Highlights include Professional Againster, Look Alive Jive, Telephone Numbrrr and Wrest Your Hands. Scared Straight ranks the New Bomb Turks as one of the best punk rock bands currently going around.

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